20 五月 2015

在 Labuan Matriculation College 的一年2014/2015 - classmates

classmates ,有了他们那一班 , 呵呵。。有说有笑 , 有了他们,在课室就不会沉闷了,他们每个人都有自己不同的性格,有人酷,有人吵,有人爱迟到,有人好奇心强,有人电话丛不离手, 等等的性格都有。(⊙_⊙)

在这一年也是陪伴我经历不少的战友,虽然我们有时会有些摩擦,有些吵架,但,一到面对团队赛的时候-我超喜欢那种合作的感觉啦~\(≧▽≦)/~ 给我看来,我们这班的合作精神超棒的, 虽然我们A3T24只有区区14个人。

我要谢谢他们每个教我的人都有那么好的耐心,哈哈, 因为我不是一个一教了的人就直接会,也谢谢他们那么忍让我的顶嘴习惯,我呢, 一遇到不服气的事 ,就会订回去(╯3╰) , 没办法, 我的性格就是这样,改不了。。谢谢你们的包容, 太爱你们了,呵呵呵 , 太想念天天见到你们的感觉, 哈哈哈---- 一个星期5天上课, 5 天连续见面, 就连周末也有时候会见面, 呵呵呵, 这就是住在宿舍的生活吧( ⊙o⊙?)不懂。

接下来,就来上传我们A3T24的wefie ba O(∩_∩)O哈哈哈~

在 Labuan Matriculation College 的一年2014/2015 - roommates

在这一年里 ,要挨着背离父母升学 , 是一件很难的事 ,但 , 起码也至少我已经挨过来了。
在LMC我们要忍着室友的脾气和古怪的行为 , 因为他们就是无论早上或晚上陪伴在你左右最长时间的人 。 没有他们 ;你应该会把去上课的时间拿来睡懒觉 ,房里就没有娱乐,不会彼此分享食物,分享课业,讨论功课,一起说笑 , 可能连自己的生日都忘记*幸亏有他们*。。。

来 , 让我和你们介绍我的室友 , 一间房可住4个人, 包括我,那,另外3个就是别人啦~

 with dayang (my neighbour) , Fiq , Fikah
with Elayne :)

  • 来,我们先说Elayne吧 ,Elayne is a girl who with sweet smile and soft voice . and the one who active in learning Chinese from me . haha . sometimes , it might be very funny when she spoke Chinese , (SHHH , i keep my breathe and laugh inside ) . But , she spoke fluent Chinese after she keep on learning *hardworking* . mmm . and of course , she is a GOOD listener too . i did share my story to her , and she did share her's too . she did give me a lot advice after she heard my story . i hope she can keep on catching her dream , do not give up easily . haha . hope to hear good news from you soon . 

  • 然后就来说Fikah 吧 , Fikah is a girl who think everythings in simple way , like a baby without any problem . She always face all her problem in positive way eventhe problem are not easy than what she tot . Haha . She is the first one i ever saw be4 who slept at the 4 chair of us*combine* and become 1 bed for her . she do a very hard work during her 1st final exam . hee .and she is also a sweet lover , candy lover ,FOODS lover "thanks for the food sharing". she can eat 24 hours nonstop .. i hope one day you can achieve your target ..

  • 最后就是Fiq啦 , Fiq is a girl who good in draw doodle and a girl who sat beside me and a high imagination girl . haha . when we bored , we did share things and keep on imagine things what will happen soon . haha . and of course both of us scare with CICAK -,- duhh . i rmb that morning a CICAK which climb inside her bottle . arghhh .. goosebumps . ahhahah ... thanks for making our room so creative with all your draw . hahah . i hope Fiq , one day you can do what you want . do not forget what you want from the beginning , don't do it until halfway only..

lastly , i would like to thanks to 3 of you be'in my first life roommates in college . feel so sorry to you guys if i did say any things that hurt you . sometimes , i might be saying something funny , but i just say it w/o doin any filtration pass my brain . hmm .. hoping you guys can have a bright future . love you guys so much .. xoxo . 
*thanks for celebrating my eighteen birthday at the botonical garden , tree house . what a wonderful memory we all created at there and special thanks to azimah and dayang who come over and together plan with them celebrate my birthday . will always remember that ...